The Human Element Public Workshop

The Human Element Public Workshop

DESCRIPTION: Designed to maximize human potential within organizations. Based on FIRO Theory and primarily aimed at work teams within organizations. Teams adapting this approach find that the other aspects of organizational development: strategic planning; cultural change; job retention, etc., all work much more effectively when built upon The Human Element foundation. The 5 day workshop has two distinct components with the first 3 days (Cornerstone) focusing on the individual within organizations and the final 2 days (Organizational Solutions) applying the learnings to team dynamics.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone supervising or working in teams and/or interested in improving productivity in their workplace.

DATE: August 14 – 18, 2017

COST: $3,000.00

LOCATION: Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, 849 Verdier Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC. V8M 1C5

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