The Human Element®

The Human Element®

Productivity, Self-Esteem and The Bottom Line

Designed to maximize personal and organizational effectiveness, The Human Element Workshop provides a simple framework for understanding human behaviour in the workplace, creating greater accountability, candour and awareness, developing high-trust environments and facilitating staff to become fully engaged and supported.

“Free of the simplistic gimmickry of so many of the current training fads. The Human Element manages for the first time to introduce the significant, key dimensions that will make the greatest difference in effective operations. A true breakthrough.” Warren Bennis, Author and Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California.

The Human Element provides an integrated approach to personal growth and to the human side of organizations:

  • Goes beyond the traditional behavioural approach to change.
  • Is internationally acknowledged as one of the most effective, most complete leadership and team building programs available. Clients include: NASA; Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center; Boeing; Shell; Canadian Ministry of Defense
  • Uses the FIRO® theory of interpersonal behaviour, to help participants become aware of, and address blocks to, greater productivity, effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Provides tools to increase awareness, ability to communicate, work with others, manifest intentions, handle change, and create job satisfaction.
  • Applies to all aspects of organizational life: leadership, team-building, conflict resolution, internal and external customer service, retention, and decision-making.
  • Jumpstarts you and/or your organization to breakthrough performance! Beyond behavioural, stylistic or trendy approaches, this work changes individuals, teams, and organizations from the inside out. Guaranteed to increase productivity and the bottom line.

This Program is Suitable for:

  • Intact work teams and team leaders
  • Human resource managers, consultants and executive coaches
  • Anyone or group interested in improving performance through improved relationships.

“In other words, teams do not fail because they disagree, or because they do not have common goals, or because their members’ approaches to solving problems differ, or because they do not include certain personality types. They don’t work because one or more people are rigid, and a person is rigid because his or her self-concept is threatened. What a wonderful irony. If we want to improve team performance, we must work on individuals.”  Will Schutz Ph.D, Creator of The Human Element.

Imex President, Steve Miller, collaborated with Dr. Schutz in creating The Implicit Career Search. Steve is also a Master Trainer of the Licensed Human Element Program and has trained several consultants to deliver this world-renowned approach to organizational productivity.