The Emergent Leader

The Emergent Leader

At Imex we view leadership as an ‘emergent quality’ rather than a role some of us are assigned. We are all born leaders, our work is to allow this part of us to emerge.

The Emergent Leaders Program. (TELP)

emergent-leadersTELP is a merger of two internationally respected programs, The Human Element (Dr. Will Schutz) and The Implicit Career Search (Steve Miller). The complete program consists of three 3-Day Sessions held at Brentwood Bay Resort, Victoria, BC

Today’s successful organizations are well aware that their ability to attract, retain and optimize highly productive staff members, requires a willingness to invest in their employee’s development on the human as well as technical side.

High achieving individuals are now looking for more than financial remuneration for their efforts; they want to know that their employer is willing to work with them in developing their potential to the fullest. This means much more than providing benefits such as day care, golf trips and other perks. Today’s employees want to be recognized for the expertise and creativity that they can provide to their company and successful organizations will provide means for their employees to develop and express their talents. All too often however, brilliant methods for improving organizational productivity blaze with promise, and then fade away. While the technical side of change is often well developed and executed, the necessary and accompanying human change is not addressed sufficiently to support this.

The Emergent Leader Training Program will provide your organization with:

  • Successful leadership development
  • Effective succession planning
  • Increased retention of high-achievers
  • Personnel aligned with organizational mission
  • Better teamwork, greater cooperation
  • Greater respect for diversity

PHASE 1 SELF-LEADERSHIP (The Human Element Cornerstone Program)

Experience has shown us that organizational change begins with the individual. Personal awareness, responsibility, and engagement form the basis for lasting change in teams and organizations. By dealing with root causes rather than superficial behaviors, Phase 1 of Emergent Leader Training helps people eliminate the distortions that sabotage them, undermine their relationships, and lower their motivation. The result is profound and lasting change including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater accountability
  • Increasingly effective levels of communication (i.e. shorter staff meetings)
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Reduced defensive behavior—saving time, effort, and aggravation
  • Improved results, at lesser cost, from technical training
  • Improved innovation and problem solving
  • Greater flexibility and capacity for change

PHASE 2 CAREER-LEADERSHIP (The Implicit Career Search)

Career success, both as individuals and within organizations, depends largely upon the plan that is put in place to achieve it. An Implicit Career Search plan guides individuals toward a clearer sense of purpose before providing them with a strategic vision to release the implicit contribution they wish to make to the world with their career.

The Implicit Career Search approach is based on two assumptions:

  1. Each of us has something unique to contribute to the world
  2. Each of us desires to deliver this contribution.

Upon concluding Phase 2 of the Emergent Leader Training each participant will have

  • Personal Mission Statement describing the person they intend to be, addressing issues such as work/life balance, health, recreation,
  • Work Purpose Statement declaring the contribution the individual intends to make through his or her life’s work
  • Strategic Career Plan envisioning how that work purpose aligns with the organization’s mission and defining the career goals of the individual within and, sometimes, beyond the organization.

PHASE 3 TEAM-LEADERSHIP (The Human Element Organizational Solutions)

Phase 3 applies the foundational material of the previous two phases to the human issues in the organization. Participants are provided with a series of experiential exercises and situations designed to help the following emerge:

  • Leadership development
  • A deep understanding of the relationship between compatibility and the ability to handle difficult conversations
  • A knowledge of how to promote effective teamwork
  • The ability to facilitate a highly effective model for group decision-making
  • The confidence to handle pressure with composure and expertise
  • Promote and develop emerging talent within others productivity in work teams