Implicit Career Search

Implicit Career Search

“I love the work that Steve Miller is doing on The Implicit Career Search. His model moves us away from career exploration and job search as a ‘sales’ campaign and focuses more on the search for patterns and essences using an heroic career journey metaphor.” Norm Amundsen Ph. D University of BC.

The Implicit Career Search is an integral, purposeful approach to career exploration and planning that is currently being utilized by career and life coaches, employment facilitators and management-trainers across Europe and North America. Based on a Hero’s Journey motif, ICS differentiates itself from other career approaches by providing a proven process to help participants clearly define the purpose of their work. The outer journey, via the Career Development Spectrum®, develops this purpose into a lifelong career plan.

The underlying assumption throughout ICS is that not only do we each have a unique contribution to deliver during our lives, we also implicitly and deeply desire to make this contribution.Independent studies of the ICS approach have shown it to be from two to three times as effective as traditional career development programs in helping individuals attain and retain work while considerably increasing self-efficacy, personal accountability and self-esteem.

Suitable for anyone looking to:

  • Decide upon a career path (e.g., high school/university students)
  • Change or further develop their career (managers striving to become leaders; leaders eager to become experts; experts willing to become creators)
  • Transition from school to work, one type of work to another, work to retirement
  • Increase motivation with current employees
  • Human resource managers, consultants and executive coaches
  • Businesses looking to improve their training programs.

The Six Stages of the ICS program can be described as:

  1. Decision Making: How do I find out who I want to be?
  2. Personal Development: What stops me from being who I want to be?
  3. Personal Definition: Who have I decided to be?
  4. Career Definition: What will I contribute with my work?
  5. Career Development: How will I deliver this contribution?
  6. Strategic Planning: How do I define and achieve success?

Each Implicit Career Search Plan involves writing a:

  • Personal Mission Statement (The person I am and the person I intend to be)
  • Work Purpose Statement (Why the world will be a better place due to the work I do)
  • Career Development Plan (developing the career from skills to sales to service to solutions to bliss)
  • Strategic Career Plan (a step by step process to achieve your definition of success):
  • Vision Stages = Long Term Plans
  • Implementation Steps = Detailed steps to accomplish each Vision Stage
  • Contingency Plans = Back up planning to make ensure the work purpose is achieved

This course is a must for anyone in the career and personal development field. It does what no other approach manages to do and that is tap directly into a person’s core motivation for work, finding personal meaning and sense of purpose. Profound and creative!” Bill Davies, Senior Consultant, JCA (Occupational Psychologists) Ltd., Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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Implicit Career Search Workshops are available to the public, at several employment agencies in British Columbia, and from other companies throughout the world

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IMEX Strategies has three senior ICS coaches that are available to guide you individually or as a small group.   Learn more.

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