The Emergent Leaders Program (Part One)

The Emergent Leaders Program (Part One)

Description: A leadership program that combines The Implicit Career Search and The Human Element into a state of the art program designed to guide individuals to become leaders and to help organizations provide career direction and leadership development to their high potentials. TELP consists of three three-day workshops: The Human Element Cornerstone; The Implicit Career Search; The Human Element Organizational Solutions. Each of these workshops can be attended by the general public without registering for the full TELP program. Cornerstone is a pre-requisite to attending The Implicit Career Search and Organizational Solutions.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone wishing to develop leadership skills for life and career.

Part One: Self- Leadership (The Human Element – Cornerstone)

DATES::September 24-26 2016,  October 11 – 13 2016

January 14-16 2017, March 7-9 2017

COST: Part 1 (Self-Leadership) is a pre-requisite to Parts 2 (Career) and 3 (Team). Parts 2 and 3 can be taken in any order.

Part 1: $1500.00

Encounter Sessions

(Drop-in, available to anyone who has completed The Self-Leadership workshop. These sessions are designed to provide follow up, support and some prodding). Dates are provided to those who have completed the Self-Leadership workshop.


Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa, 849 Verdier Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC. V8M 1C5

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